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The Beginning

Hi, I’m Tim

And you probably don’t know me yet…

Let me take you back to 2013.

I had just graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Multimedia and Information Technology.

I knew my passion was to create videos that would tell incredible stories and inspire people to take action.

I started to pursue that passion in the local church, working as a video editor and content creator for amazing organizations like North Point Ministries, Journey Community Church, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, and others.

I learned so much during that time and I enjoyed helping to create something would move people towards positive life-change…

I even started Tim Hunt Media at the same time, helping small businesses and wedding clients bring their visions to life.

But life took me on a new journey, to a point where I had to venture forth full-time with Tim Hunt Media in 2016 to continue my passion.

Fortunately, the workload came quickly and my schedule was full of working on videos.

The Conflict

However, there was a problem.

I found that I no longer connected with the work I was doing.

I didn’t feel like much of what I was doing was making an impact.

I wanted to tell stories, not just make run-of-the-mill videos.

I longed to create and connect to stories that matter.

Stories that push people to create a change in their own life, change the lives of others, and that make the world a better place.

I didn’t want to do things just for money, I wanted to do things that I felt truly mattered.

The Journey

So, I began to dive into the process of storytelling and learned the intricacies of what makes a great story and how to tell that story like no one else.

I learned how to say NO to some things so that I could say YES to things that moved me.

I believe there are so many people out there that are just waiting to have their lives transformed.

They just need to be moved and inspired by a great story.

That’s where you come in.

The Answer

You’ve got something that moves you; that gets you going every day.

Someone else NEEDS to hear that.

To be moved by what moves you, and to be inspired to action by your story.

You’ve got a story, and together we can tell the world.

Whether it’s for your non-profit, a company, a ministry organization, or personal passion, your story is the driving force behind what you do.

If you want to see hearts and minds transformed and changed by the power of story…

Let’s talk!

Tim Hunt

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