Creating the For Gwinnett Teaser video

Creating the For Gwinnett Teaser video

Getting to work with footage from several celebrities was a very fun edit to do! I actually was able to work as a production assistant on the shoot with Jeff Foxworthy and meet him. Cool experience, nice guy. What was originally a VERY simple edit (take “my name is ___, and I’m for Gwinnett” from 4 people, cut back-to-back, end with graphic, done) turned out to be a little more exciting by mixing it up and changing the pace of the edit. After making a basic cut, I created the animation that would go at the end with Adobe After Effects. I then spent a good while trying to find a track that would match the feel of the cut. It seems like finding the right music is always the hardest part of the process.

Anyways, after digging through the Firstcom music library with the producer, we finally found one we thought might fit. Of course the music would need tweaking to fit the cuts of the edit, so I had to do a little edit job on the music track as well. After getting music, animation, and cut all approved, we had the audio mastered and I dove into some color correction. It is always interesting color correcting footage that someone else shot, because often all the pieces end up looking different. To make them all feel right, I used a combination of Magic Bullet Looks and Magic Bullet Colorista II plugin for Premiere Pro. Once this was done, it was on to final approval and exporting the video for playing at sunday services at Gwinnett Church and for sharing through Vimeo and Instagram (first time I had edited a Instagram video in Premiere!). All in all, a fun little video to be a part of.


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