Creating the “Get to Know” Interview Videos

Creating the “Get to Know” Interview Videos

Creating these Get to Know Videos was really a lot of fun. If you don’t know which videos I’m talking about, here’s links to all four of them:

All of these were multiple camera shoots, which definitely makes it a much more interesting edit. We had a two camera dolly shot (cam 1) of both the interviewer (Tripp) and the interviewee (the worship leader being interviewed). We then had a shot of just Tripp (cam 2), and then a medium shot of the interviewee (cam 3) along with a close shot of the interviewee (cam 4). In addition to these shots, we also added in plenty of b-roll to keep the pace moving. Most of this footage involved pictures of the interviewee’s family or earlier years or recorded footage of the singer on a sunday morning worship service. In addition, we had some extra footage involving Trey’s first rap segment at North Point, and a glimpse of Adam Kersh singing with the Fiddleheads on America’s Got Talent.

Also, I got to put my motion graphics skills to work with some fun transitions and some hand-drawn-like animations over moving photos. Definitely the hardest part in all of this was picking out background music. Thankfully, we had some fun tunes that we found that we felt worked for these interviews. These were some of my first videos producing for North Point Ministries, and I am really pleased with how they came out.

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