Video Production

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For Gwinnett - Jeff Foxworthy Edit

Working on an edit featuring Jeff Foxworthy

I work with clients closely to produce videos that tell your message to your audience in an engaging and captivating way. I can work with you to help get your message produced, no matter what stage it is at. If that means helping you brainstorm ideas and writing a script for your commercial, filming your production with High-Definition DSLR cameras for a beautiful image along with high-quality audio, editing the video with the latest professional software to bring your ideas to reality, or even distributing the videos to the end audience, I can do it all for you. I really desire to work closely with clients to produce something that is not only effective, but something that truly reflects your vision.

Motion Graphics

Using Adobe After Effects, I can custom-build motion graphics pieces for promotional, informational, or entertainment purposes. I can build motion graphics to go along with a voiceover, a music track, or as visual-only (such as for project screens or kiosks).


Event Videography

I will partner with you to cover whatever event needed. I am willing to travel (distance & schedule will be determining factors). I can use my own gear if it suits the projects’ needs, I can also use gear you provide, or I can rent gear if needed. I am experienced in shooting b-roll and interviews for event coverage. I can provide raw footage for editing on your end, or I can edit/produce the project with you as the executive producer.

As the cost of video production will vary widely based on the scope of the project, I would love to hear from you personally so I can give you a free estimate on the production for your video. If you’d like to see the type of work I have produced, see the portfolio page or the vimeo page.

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